First Day of London Workation

First Day of London Workation

Today was our family’s first day of our London workation. The boys have a fabulous nanny that we found through Brilliant Nannies, and she arrived right on time. They had a great time riding the bus, playing soccer/football in the local park for hours, and working on their school lessons. My husband, working for the London office of his U.S. employer, hopped on a red double-decker bus for his 25-minute commute into the heart of the city.

I have a lovely 15-minute walk to the local Club Workspace coworking space. After a very short bit of logistics getting me set up with WiFi, I was set to go for the day. I worked in this open space – which looks empty in this picture but the place was actually packed for most of the day. I worked almost just as I would back in Minnesota: I made WiFi calls via Skype and WhatsApp and I had packed one folder of my streamlined client notes and papers. The use of a printer costs extra at my coworking space, but I’m luckily to have one in my flat that I can use for the rare time I need to print something.

I’ve mentioned before how the time difference can work to your advantage while workationing, and this experience has been no exception: London is 6 hours ahead of Minnesota, so imagine working for the first few hours of your day with NO email or phone interruptions. It’s extremely productive! The downside is that you get emails at 10 p.m., but I’m ok with the trade-off for a short period of time!

Soon I’ll post more┬ádetails on how we did the logistics for this trip and others. If you have a particular question about this workation or workationing in general, please leave a comment and I’ll address it!


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